Nucleic Acid Purification

Trans nucleic acid purification products show high stability and no inhibition to downstream experiments. At the same time, the independently researched and developed advanced formula can fully improve lysis capability and yield, as well as ensure high purity. A wide range of products are provided to meet most conventional experiment requirements.

Genomic DNA Purification
MagicPure® Stool and Soil Genomic DNA Kit
MagicPure® Cell-Free DNA Kit
MagicPure® Blood Genomic DNA Kit
EasyPure® Stool Genomic DNA Kit
EasyPure® Buccal Swab Genomic DNA Kit
EasyPure® FFPE Tissue Genomic DNA Kit
EasyPure® Micro Genomic DNA Kit
EasyPure® Food and Fodder Security Genomic DNA Kit
EasyPure® Bacteria Genomic DNA Kit
EasyPure® Marine Animal Genomic DNA Kit
EasyPure® Blood Genomic DNA Kit
EasyPure® Plant Genomic DNA Kit
EasyPure® Genomic DNA Kit
Plasmid DNA Purification
EasyPure® HiPure Plasmid MaxiPrep Kit
EasyPure® HiPure Plasmid MiniPrep Kit
EasyPure® Plasmid MiniPrep Kit
DNA Fragment Purification
MagicPure® Size Selection DNA Beads
EasyPure® Quick Gel Extraction Kit
EasyPure® PCR Purification Kit
RNA Purification
MagicPure® RNA Beads
MagicPure® Viral DNA/RNA Kit
EasyPure® RNA Purification Kit
EasyPure® miRNA Kit
TransZol  Up Plus RNA Kit
EasyPure® Blood RNA Kit
EasyPure® Plant RNA Kit
EasyPure® Viral DNA/ RNA  Kit
EasyPure® RNA Kit
TransZol  Plant
TransZol Up
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