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TransZol lyses cells with guanidine isothiocyanate. In the process of sample lysis, TransZol can maintain the integrity of RNA. After adding RNA Extraction Agent, the solution is divided into a colorless aqueous phase and a pink organic phase. RNA is in the aqueous phase. RNA can be recovered by precipitation with isopropanol. Isopropyl alcohol recovers protein. Suitable for rapid extraction of total RNA from a variety of tissues and cells.


• High operational safety: RNA Extraction Agent is used instead of chloroform.

• Wide range of applications: suitable for small samples (50-100 mg tissue, 5×106 cells), or large samples (≥1 g tissue or ≥107 cells) for human, animal, plant, blood and bacterial tissue extraction both apply.

• Fast extraction: the reaction can be completed within an hour.

• Visualization of operation: The solution is pink for easy separation of aqueous and organic phases.

• High extraction purity: minimal DNA and protein contamination.

• RNA lysate: facilitates RNA preservation and reduces inhibition of reverse transcription reactions.

at 2-8℃ in dark for one year.

Ice bag 4℃.

Product Contents

TransZol Up100 ml
RNA Extraction Agent20 ml
RNA Dissolving Solution15 ml


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