Protein MW Standards

Protein Molecular Weight Standards can meet different experimental requirements. Unstained Protein Markers consist of a variety of unstained proteins which allows monitoring electrophoresis and accurately estimating protein molecular weight; Stained Protein Markers with different colors are used to quickly estimate the direction and efficacy of protein transfer to membrane. Western Protein Markers with a wide molecular weight range, are compatible to a variety of secondary antibodies They can be directly exposed to x-ray film and used to accurately estimate molecular weight.


Unstained Protein Markers
ProteinRuler® I (12-80 kDa)
ProteinRuler® II (12-120 kDa)
ProteinRuler® IV (30-200 kDa)
Prestained Protein Markers
Blue Plus® Protein Marker (14-100 kDa)
Blue Plus® II Protein Marker (14-120 kDa)
Blue Plus® IV Protein Marker (10-180 kDa)
Blue Plus® V Protein Marker (10-190 kDa)
Western Protein Markers
EasySee® Western Marker (25-90 kDa)
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