Unstained Protein Markers
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ProteinRuler® II (12-120 kDa)

Product Details

ProteinRuler® II is composed of eight unstained recombinant proteins (20 kDa, 30 kDa, 40 kDa, 50 kDa, 60 Da, 80 kDa, 100 kDa, 120 kDa) and one blue prestained recombinant protein (12 kDa). The prestained band allows monitoring electrophoresis. The 50 kDa band has doubled intensity to serve as a reference band.

• MW range from 12 to 120 kDa.
• Ready-to-use format, direct load on gels without heating.

at -20℃ for two years.

Dry ice (-70℃). 


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