Genomic DNA Purification
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EasyPure® Stool Genomic DNA Kit

Product Details

EasyPure®Stool Genomic DNA Kit provides a simple and convenient way to isolate high quality genomic DNA from 180-220 mg of fresh or frozen stool. Solid or liquid stool sample that is rich in contaminants and inhibitors is lysised by the unique lysis buffer. DNA is bound to silica-based column. The isolated DNA is suitable for PCR, qPCR and Next Generation Sequencing.

• Simple and fast.
• Complete removal of contaminants and inhibitors.
• Column based purification, no organic extraction or ethanol precipitation.

Starting Material
Fresh or frozen solid or liquid stool, avoiding repeated freezing and thawing.

at room temperature (15-25°C) in dry for one year

At room temperature

Product Contents

ComponentEE301-01 (50 rxns)
Lysis Buffer 21 (LB21)60 ml
Precipitation Buffer 21 (PB21)15 ml
Binding Buffer 21 (BB21)35 ml
Clean Buffer 21 (CB21)6 ml
Wash Buffer 21 (WB21)12 ml
Elution Buffer (EB)10 ml
Glass Beads12.5 g
Genomic Spin Columns with Collection Tubes50 each
Nuclease-free Tube (2 ml)100 each
Collection Tubes150 each

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