RNA Purification
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TransZol Up

Product Details

TransZol Up is a ready-to-use reagent for the isolation of total RNA from cells and tissues. Unique lysis buffer is used to disrupt cells. After centrifugation, the solution is separated into an upper colorless aqueous phase containing RNA and a lower pink organic phase. RNA is precipitated and recovered with isopropanol. Proteins can be recovered from organic phase with isopropanol. Compared with other total RNA extraction reagents, TransZol Up provides a powerful lysis buffer to extract RNA from a variety of species.

• Suitable for isolating RNA from a variety of species including animal, plant and bacteria.
• Superior lysis capability and higher RNA yield.
• The whole procedure can be completed in one hour.
• Pink solution for easy visualizing different phases.
• Unique dissolving solution for long-term RNA storage.

at 2-8℃ in dark for one year.

ice bag 4℃.

Product Contents

TransZol Up100 ml
RNA Dissolving Solution15 ml


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