Genomic DNA Purification
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EasyPure® Genomic DNA Kit

Product Details

EasyPure® Genomic DNA Kit provides a simple and convenient way to efficiently isolate high-quality genomic DNA from a variety of materials (mammalian cells, tissues, mouse tails, E. coli and yeast). Cells and tissues are enzymatically lysed. DNA is specifically bound to silica-based column. The isolated DNA is suitable for PCR, restriction enzyme digestion and Southern blot, etc.

• Fast extraction, high yield (up to 15 μg).

• High integrity of cDNA ensured by mild lysis conditions without physical disruption, thus reducing damage to gDNA during cell lysis process.

• High purity enabled by spin column which can efficiently and specifically bind to DNA and removs protein, salts, lipids or other contaminants.

RNase A at -20°C for two years; others at room temperature (15-25°C) in a dry place for one year.

RNase A on dry ice (-70 °C); Others at room temperature.

Product Contents

ComponentEE101-01 (50 rxns)EE101-02 (200 rxns)EE101-11 (50 rxns)EE101-12 (200 rxns)
Lysis Buffer 2 (LB2)6 ml24 ml6 ml24 ml
Binding Buffer 2 (BB2)28 ml110 ml28 ml110 ml
Clean Buffer 2 (CB2)15 ml60 ml15 ml60 ml
Wash Buffer 2 (WB2)12 ml2×22 ml12 ml2×22 ml
Elution Buffer (EB)25 ml80 ml25 ml80 ml
RNase A (20 mg/ml)1 ml4×1 ml00
Proteinase K (20 mg/ml)1 ml4×1 ml1 ml4×1 ml
Genomic Spin Column with Collection Tubes50 each200 each50 each200 each


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