Genomic DNA Purification
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MagicPure® Cell-Free DNA Kit II

Product Details

This kit lyses samples by enzymatic hydrolysis, and efficiently purifies cell-free DNA by specific adsorption of silica magnetic beads. It is suitable for isolating and purifying high quality cell-free DNA from 0.5-10 ml serum or plasma. The extracted DNA can be used for PCR, qPCR, NGS, etc. It is compatible with high-throughput magnetic rob-based nucleic acid extractor.


• Simple operation and fast extraction with no centrifugation required.

• High yield and high purity.


Magnetic Cell-Free Beads at 2-8℃ for one year (avoid freezing); others at room temperature (15-25℃) for one year.

Magnetic Cell-Free Beads on ice bag(4℃); Others at room temperature.

Product Contents

ComponentEC211-01/11(50 rxns)
Lysis Buffer 36 (LB36)10 ml
Binding Buffer 36 (BB36)125 ml
Clean Buffer 36 (CB36)66 ml
Wash Buffer 36 (WB36)20 ml
Elution Buffer 36 (EB36)4 ml
Proteinase K (20 mg/ml)4×1 ml
Magnetic Cell-Free Beads2 ml
Magnetic Stand (16 hole)1 pc/-

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