Small Molecules
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TransSmallY-27632  (Dihydrochloride)

Product Details

Y-27632 is a highly potent, cell-permeable, reversible and selective inhibitor of p160ROCK (Rho-associated, coiled-coil domain-containing protein kinase, ROCK). Y-27632 inhibits the kinase activity of both ROCK1 and ROCK2 with almost equal potency. The inhibition is achieved by competing with ATP for binding to the catalytic site. Y-27632 prevents cell apoptosis, enhances survival and cloning efficiency of human pluripotent stem cells when they are dissociated to single cells, and improves the efficiency of embryoid body formation using the forced aggregation method.

at -20℃ in the dark for six months, avoid repeated freeze-thawing.

Dry ice (-70℃)