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TransScript® One-Step RT-PCR SuperMix (+dye)

Product Details

One-Step RT-PCR combines the first-strand cDNA synthesis with PCR in the same tube to simplify reaction setup and reduce the possibility of contamination. Only gene-specific primers can be used for One-Step RT-PCR. TransScript® RT and TransTaq® HiFi DNA Polymerase are used in the kit.

Amplification of fragment up to 8 kb.

Multiple copy gene detection

at -20 ℃ for two years

Dry ice (-70 ℃)

Product Contents

ComponentAT411-02 (200 rxns)
TransScript® One-Step Enzyme Mix80 μl
2×TS One-Step Reaction Mix2×1 ml
RNase-free Water2×1 ml


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