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TransScript® II One-Step gDNA Removal and cDNA Synthesis SuperMix

Product Details

Unique genomic DNA remover is combined with TransScript® II First- Strand cDNA Synthesis SuperMix to achieve simultaneous genomic DNA removal and cDNA synthesis at 42-55°C. After cDNA synthesis, gDNA remover and TransScript® II RT/RI Enzyme Mix are inactivated by heating at 85°C for 5 seconds.

• Simultaneous genomic DNA removal and cDNA synthesis in one tube to minimize RNA contamination.
• The product obtained from 15 minutes reaction is used for qPCR; the product obtained from 30 minutes reaction is used for PCR.

• After reaction, heat inactivation for RT/RI and gDNA remover simultaneously can avoid damage to RNA caused by heat inactivating DNase I used for pretreatment in traditional protocol.
• Simple and fast procedure.

• cDNA up to 15 kb.

• cDNA library construction, 3’ and 5’ RACE
• Multiple copy and low copy gene detection
• GC-rich or complex secondary structure RNA template

at -20 ℃ for two years

Dry ice (-70 ℃)

Product Contents

ComponentAH311-02 (50 rxns)AH311-03 (100 rxns)
TransScript® II RT/RI Enzyme Mix50 μl100 μl
gDNA Remover50 μl100 μl
2×TS II Reaction Mix500 μl1 ml
Random Primer (0.1 μg/μl)50 μl100 μl
Anchored Oligo(dT)20 Primer (0.5 μg/μl)50 μl100 μl
RNase-free Water500 μl1 ml


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