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MagicPure® mRNA Kit

Product Details

MagicPure® mRNA Kit uses oligo(dT)-conjugated magnetic beads to specifically bind to poly(A) tailed mRNA. It is suitable for isolating mRNA from purified highly intact total RNA (0.1-10 μg, RIN value≥8). The isolated mRNA can be used in RT-PCR, qRT-PCR, next generation sequencing, or other applications. This kit is compatible with magnetic-rod high-throughput nucleic acid extractor.


• High-yield and high-purity isolated mRNA 

• Simple workflow


at 2-8 ℃ for one year


Ice bag (4℃)

Product Contents

ComponentEC511-01 (24 rxns)EC511-02 (96 rxns)
mRNA Beads1.3 ml5 ml
Binding Buffer 33 (BB33)1.3 ml5 ml
Clean Buffer 33 (CB33) 1.3 ml5 ml
Wash Buffer 33 (WB33)10 ml40 ml
RNase-free Water1.3 ml5 ml

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