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TransDetect® qPCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit

Product Details

This product is designed for detecting mycoplasma DNA by TaqMan probe real-time PCR, which is used to qualitatively detect mycoplasma contamination in samples such as culture media, cell cultures, biological products, etc. This kit can detect a variety of mycoplasma, including Mycoplasma spp., Acholeplasma spp., Spiroplasma spp., etc. under the class Mollicutes. This kit was validated in accordance with EP 2.6.7 and JP G3 guidelines and requirements for mycoplasma detection.

TransDetect® qPCR Mycoplasma SuperMix in this product contains Taq hot start enzyme, specially optimized qPCR reaction buffer for mycoplasma detection, dNTPs, PCR enhancer and stabilizer. In addition, a dUTP/UDG system is introduced into this reaction mix, which can degrade U-containing ssDNA and dsDNA before reverse transcription, eliminating carry-over contamination caused by PCR products. Primer & Probe Mix is used to amplify mycoplasma sequences and Internal Control. FAM channel detection of mycoplasma-specific amplification; The VIC channel detects the amplification of Internal Control. Internal Control can be added at the time of PCR reaction to exclude false-negative results due to PCR inhibitors in the sample; Internal control can also be added at the time of sample extraction to evaluate the extraction effect and rule out false negatives due to improper DNA extraction. This kit is used in conjunction with the MagicPure® 32 Mycoplasma DNA Kit (EH401-32) to efficiently extract mycoplasma DNA from samples, and the detection limit can reach 10 CFU/ml.


at -20℃ for two years in dark


Dry ice (-70℃)

Product Contents

TransDetect® qPCR Mycoplasma SuperMix800 μl
Primer&Probe Mix150 μl
Internal Control1 ml
Positive Control400 μl
Nuclease-free Water1 ml

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