Protein Purification
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ProteinIso® Protein A/G Resin

Product Details

ProteinIso® Protein A/G Resin is an affinity chromatography medium with recombinant protein A/G ligands immobilized to cross-linked agarose support, which can efficiently and specifically bind to the Fc regions of immunoglobulins. It combines the immunoglobulin binding profiles of both Protein A and Protein G and shows better binding capacities for immunoglobulins from different sources and subclasses. ProteinIso® Protein A/G Resin is suitable for the isolation of immune complexes, such as IP, Co-IP, etc.

Resin Specifications

Support4% cross-linked agarose
LigandProtein A/G
Average particle size90 μm (45-165)
Ligand density5 mg Protein A/G/ml wet gel
Dynamic binding capacity35-40 mg h-IgG/ml wet gel
Maximum Linear Velocity (25°C)300 cm/h
Recommended Linear Velocity<150 cm/h
Maximum pressure0.3 Mpa
pH stability3~10


at 2-8°C (20% ethanol) for two years


Ice bag (4 °C).

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