Summer Promotion of TransGen

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We wish you a happy summer. The arrival of June indicates that half of 2022 has passed. To express our gratitude to all of our customers, TransGen offers more events to provide the customers and distributors with benefits.


Event 1: Buy four get one free on miRNA products

For all miRNA products, we have an event that if the customer buys four or more miRNA products in an order, we will provide one more of the same product in miRNA to the customer. If you buy more, you will get more. Besides, we provide all the customers with some free samples. If you are interested in the sample products of miRNA, feel free to contact us to get a sample product with your order.


Product List

Product Name

Cat. No.



TransScript® Green miRNA Two-Step qRT-PCR SuperMix


RT system/qPCR system   20 rxns×20 μl/500 rxns×20 μl


TransScript® miRNA First-Strand cDNA Synthesis SuperMix


20 rxns×20 µl system


TransExo™ Serum/Plasma Exosome miRNA Extraction Kit


25 rxns


EasyPure® miRNA Kit


50 rxns


Learn more about miRNA products


Event 2: Discounts on Animal Disease Detection Products

Do you know TransGen provide Animal Disease Detection Products? TransGen continues to expand its product line. For the new type of Animal Disease Detection Products, all distributors will receive an extra 5% off on their price for our Animal Disease Detection Products, and all the end customers can receive a 10% discount on our catalogue price.


Learn more about Animal Disease Detection Products.


Event 3: Cool Summer Activities: Share product packaging on social media

It is a hot summer! Let TransGen bring you a little cool. Share the packaging of TransGen products with a picture or video on Twitter /LinkedIn /Facebook. Tag #TransGen and @TransGen, and you will enjoy 10% off shipping on your next dry ice shipping order.



1. Promotion is only valid from June 16th to August 31st  2022.

2. For all Russian distributors, the discount on Animal Disease Detection products is 45% off.

3. If the distributor's client would like to participate in the event, please contact the local distributor.

4. TransGen Biotech reserves the right to amend privileges, terms and conditions without prior notice.

5. Promotion is valid for international customers, excluding the mainland of P.R. China.

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