15th Anniversary Promotion

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15 years have passed since the birth of TransGen, now it is time to celebrate its fifteenth birthday. At this exciting moment, we would like extend our warmest congratulations and best wishes to TransGen. 15 years ago, TransGen was founded from a lab of about 50 square meters by 3 scientists with the dream to foster the growth of life science. After 15 years of effort, TransGen has been a leading supplier of life science reagents with 250+ talents and 60+ distributors, serving customers from 70 countries.

Now, it is time for us to express gratitude to all our customers and partners. Please accept our sincere invitation to our celebration activities for 15th anniversary and enjoy the new offers!


Offer 1: Post your photo with TransGen to gain discounts!

How do you like TransGen? If you are an old friend, please share your photo with TransGen products on social media! If you are a new friend, share your first impression in TransGen with us.  Post your photos and/or articles with #TransGen and @TransGen on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, you will receive a 20% off coupon!

Post your photo with TransGen to gain discounts!

Offer 2: Lucky bag with any order!

TransGen wishes you good luck! During the 15th Anniversary event, TransGen will provide a free lucky bag with any order, there are 1~3 different gifts in the lucky bag, the highest value of one lucky bag will reach $50! With the higher-order value, the chance of getting a bigger lucky bag will increase, too.


Lucky bag with any order!

Offer 3: Easter Egg Hunt!

Happy Easter! As the 15th Anniversary event coincides with Easter, let’s play the Easter Egg Hunt Game! There are some surprise scenes on our official website/ Facebook/ Twitter/ Linked in/ Instagram homepage. Find all the Easter Eggs to get a surprise gift! If you find all the 5 eggs, send the screenshot to us and get a limited Easter present. Don’t forget to leave your name, post address and e-mail address to us!


Easter Egg Hunt!


1. Promotion is only valid from April 1st to April 30th.

2. The 20% coupon is valid for one order.

3. The coupon will be directly sent to your chat box. Please check the messages in time.

4. The lucky bag will be sent with your order.

5. TransGen Biotech reserves the right to amend privileges, terms and conditions without prior notice.

6. Promotion is valid for international customers, excluding mainland of P.R. China.