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【New Product Launch】Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis Series

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Electrophoresis refers to the separation of charged particles by moving at different speeds in an electric field. It can identify, quantify and purify nucleic acid and protein fragments, and is a commonly used laboratory technique. Because of its simple equipment, easy operation, high resolution and selectivity, it is widely used in analytical chemistry, biochemistry, clinical chemistry, toxicology, pharmacology, immunology and microbiology, Food chemistry and other fields.


TransGen Biotech recently launched nucleic acid electrophoresis related equipment to fully establish a powerful combination of equipment and reagents to boost life science research.


Multi-purpose horizontal electrophoresis system TSE-N

● No rubber sealing ring is used, and the movable electrode is built-in design, no leakage concerns.

● A variety of trays free combination, easy to use.

● High temperature gel tray, no deformation at 100°C, no need to leave agarose to warm and then glue.

● PCR electrophoresis: Comb 1mm 27-well x4 rows, can run 108 samples at a time (including Marker).


Gel imaging system TSI-100

● High sensitivity, high resolution digital imaging system.

● It provides white light and ultraviolet light source for digital processing of images dyed with silver, fluorescent, film, Coomassie brilliant blue and nucleic acid dyes.

● It can be combined with gel analysis software for various image analysis.

● The multi-purpose camera obscura eliminates the darkroom Settings in the laboratory, and can be used for ultraviolet or white light transmission and ultraviolet reflection photography. The design also takes into account the minimization of UV light damage to the human body.

● The illumination uniformity is good, and the maximum imaging area is 200 x 250 mm.


Recommended Related Products

01 Agarose (GS201)

● High purity agarose, free of DNase, RNase and protease.

● Staining with ethidium bromide or GelStain provides low background.

● Strong electrophoretic separation performance, and clear bands. Agarose is suitable for electrophoresis of various DNA and RNA.


02 Nucleic Acid Dye

GelStain (GS101)

Suitable for both standard EB filter and SYBR filter; same with the standard UV-transilluminator used for EB staining observation; optimal excitation in the UV region around 300 nm.

GelStain Blue (GS102)

GelStain Blue has an optimal excitation in the UV region around 474 nm. It is recommended to try blue light for excitation observation. Standard UV-transilluminator used for EB staining observation can also be used.

● Nontoxic: Unique lipophilic and macromolecular propertie make it incapable of penetrating cell membranes. Ames test also shows the mutagenicity of GelStain Blue is far less than that of EB, and readily biodegradable, non-carcinogenic.

● Highly sensitive: Suitable for staining fragments of different sizes in electrophoresis gel. 

● Highly stable: Suitable for using microwave or other heating methods to prepare agarose gel; extremely stable at room temperature under acidic or alkaline conditions; highly resistant to light.

● High signal-to-noise ratio: Strong fluorescence signal of the sample with low background signal.

● Simple operation: Similar to ethidium bromide, the dye does not degrade during the process of preparing gel or electrophoresis. It only takes 30 minutes for staining after electrophoresis, and the fragment can be visualized by a visible light-transilluminator directly without detaining or washing.

● A broad range of applications: Applicable for precast protocol (add dye during gel preparation) and post-stain protocol (submerge the gel in the staining solution); suitable for agarose gels and polyacrylamide gels electrophoresis; suitable for staining dsDNA, ssDNA or RNA.


03 DNA Marker

● Manufactured with globally advanced production technology——using restriction enzymes to digest plasmid.

● Low background and sharp and tight bands, good accuracy of DNA molecular weight.

● They provide much higher accuracy and stability than DNA markers coming from PCR amplification products.

● Ready-to-load with optimal loading buffers and can be directly and conveniently used in electrophoresis.

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