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【New Product Launch】Vertical Electrophoresis & Transfer System

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Western Blot, also known as protein blotting, is a technique for separating, qualitatively detecting, and quantitatively/semi-quantitatively analyzing target proteins. It is an experimental method in molecular biology, biochemistry, and immunogenetics. Western Blot utilizes denaturing polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) to separate a mixture of proteins. After separation via SDS-PAGE, the proteins are transferred from the gel to a solid support membrane, such as NC or PVDF membrane. Subsequently, a specific antibody is used to detect a particular antigen, making it a protein detection technology. This technique is widely applied in various aspects, including gene expression studies at the protein level, antibody activity detection, and early disease diagnosis.

TransGen Biotech has recently launched new protein electrophoresis-related instruments, comprehensively initiating a strong collaboration between instruments and reagents to support research in the life sciences.


TSE-P Mini Vertical Electrophoresis System

● 4 minigel electrophoresis can be completed in less than an hour.

● Sealing spacer is glued to the long glass plate to ensure that the glass plates are accurately aligned, preventing the gel leakage.

● The camming frame ensures precise alignment of the horizontal planes.

● Comb with teeth and built-in ridges isolates the gel from the air and avoid inhibiting polymerization reaction of the gel.

● Glass plates and combs are marked with thickness and number of wells for easy identification.

● The glass plate with sealing spacer makes it thicker and stronger.


TST Mini Transfer System

● It can efficiently transfer protein samples to media such as nitrocellulose membranes and PVDF membranes, and two transfer chips can be placed at the same time.

● Supports high-current fast transfers or low-current overnight transfers.

● Included 2 cooling units, which can be quickly absorb the heat of the buffer.

● Red and black color-coded transfer clips and electrodes to ensure proper orientation of the gel during transfer.


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