New Product Launch

【New Product Launch】TransExo Urine Exosome Kit

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We are proud to announce the launching of TransExo Urine Exosome Kit!

【New Product Launch】TransExo Urine Exosome Kit

TransExo Urine Exosome Kit

  Kit Contents



  Exosome Precipitation Solution-Urine (EPS-U)

  2×20 ml


  Exosome Resuspension Solution-Urine (ERS-U)

  10 ml

Brief Introduction

TransExo Urine Exosome Kit is designed to extract and purify exosomes from urine. The obtained high-purity and high-activity exosomes can be used in Western Blot, qPCR, particle size, transmission electron microscopy, and other detection methods.



• Easy-to-use. No ultracentrifugation required.

• High sensitivity, low input (1 ml) of sample.


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