Automated Nucleic Acid Extractors
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TS-96 Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor

Product Details

TS-96 Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor, based on advanced magnetic beads separation technology, possesses advantages of high degree of automation, high-speed extraction, stable results, and simple operation. It is used to extract nucleic acids from biological samples. The adsorption, transfer and release of magnetic beads by the magnetic rod and the tip lead to the transfer of magnetic beads/ samples, resulting in automatic extraction and purification. This equipment completely avoids centrifugation or filtration procedures required by a routine extraction and enables parallel extraction of 1 to 96 samples including blood, tissues, cells, secretions, bacteria, plants, forensic materials, amplified products, achieving high-throughput, fast and automated nucleic acid extraction. The isolated high-quality nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) can be used for high-sensitivity downstream analysis, such as real-time PCR, clinical molecular diagnostics, gene expression analysis, gene analysis, forensic, infectious disease research, etc. Combined with other professional magnetic bead kits, it can be used for automated purification of proteins or peptide fragments and enrichment of specific bacteria, cells and various tumor markers, etc.

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