Automated Nucleic Acid Extractors
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TS-32 Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor

Product Details

This product, based on advanced magnetic bead separation technology, is used to extract nucleic acids from biological samples. This instrument completely avoids centrifugation or filtration procedures required by a routine extraction. Through the mixing of liquids, and the collection, transfer and release of magnetic beads, nucleic acid can be extracted automatically. Equipped with temperature control function, this system enables parallel extraction of 1 to 32 samples including blood, plasma, saliva, oral swabs, viruses, flora and fauna, tissues, bacteria, and microorganism samples. Furthermore, cost-effective prefilled ready-to-use extraction kits will be provided for users' convenience.

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Samples Volumes20-1000 μl
Recovery rate of magnetic beads> 95%
Heating Temperature range20-120℃ , reducing to 20℃ automatically
Applicable consumablesStandard 96 deep-well plates or customized consumables
Program storageAt least 500 extraction programs can be stored
Program managementAdd, edit, delete, copy, import, and export
Pollution controlUV lamp
External interfaceUSB interface, RJ45 Ethernet interface
Power RequirementAC220240V50/60Hz350VA


Good performance with stable results and high extraction efficiency.

•  Fast process completed in 30 minutes.

•  User-friendliness.

•  Ready-to-use prefilled reagent kits are available.

•  Temperature controlled.

•  Contamination controlled.

•  Intelligent instrument.

Good performance

High intra-run & inter-run reproducibility leading to stable results.

High magnetic attraction capability leading to high extraction efficiency.

Fast process

Automatizes complicated manual steps.

Completes extraction in 30 minutes.


8-inch large screen leading to easy operation as well as real-time observation of experiment progress.

Quiet operation with little noise.

Integral USB ports for easily importing or exporting programs and updating the system.

The programs are easy to edit and use.

User management function ensures use flexibility and information security.

Extraction records can be viewed at any time.

Ready-to-use prefilled reagent kits are available.

Temperature controlled

Allows 20 to 90℃ temperature change in 2 minutes.

Binding and elution are enhanced due to the heating reaction.

Contamination controlled

UV lamp sterilizes the instrument to avoid contamination.


Self-test function ensuring successful experiment.

Resets magnetic rods and the magnetic rob sleeve bracket automatically. 

Checks if the consumables have been placed correctly prior to operation.

Prevents magnetic robs from touching the bottom during the process of shaking.

Suspends automatically in case of emergency (e.g. experiment cabin door is opened).

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