15th Anniversary Celebration

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We celebrated the 15th birthday of TransGen on March 21st, 2021, starting a new chapter of pursuing the dream for science research. On that day, we got together to have a birthday party. TransGen’s company culture continuously influences everyone. TransGen’s dream continuously attracts those who share the same dream. In retrospect, we have gone through ups and downs, but still move forward with delightful growth and grateful encounter.

Speech from the CEO


At the beginning of the celebration, the CEO of TransGen, Dr. Wen Xin made a genuine speech, which was shown to staff and our partners in a live broadcast. In the first, Dr. Xin thanked all the friends who contributed to TransGen. During the 15 years, TransGen sticks to the principle “Quality is the highest priority. To serve the scientific research with superior quality and service.”, everyone in TransGen work hard to overcome all difficulties. In 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 highlighted the importance of biological research and accelerated the pace of chasing our dream. It is a huge opportunity and challenge for all TransGen people. Besides, Dr. Xin emphasized the importance of “Quality” and “Service”. They are just like the wings of an airplane, and TransGen people need to remember them all the time.

Speech from the CEO

(Speech of Dr. Xin)

Celebrate the anniversary

The success of TransGen is inseparable from the efforts of everyone in TransGen. They devoted themselves to work and pioneered the era. We celebrated the 15th anniversary together, with cutting the cake, blowing the candle, and singing a birthday song. At the same time, our employees presented live performance. We enjoyed our tea time with the songs and music. At the photography corner, people took photos with their friends and left the most beautiful smiles on the photo.

Celebrate the anniversary


Photography corner

(Photography corner)

Cheers and laughter were everywhere in the venue, embracing everyone with cosy atmosphere from TransGen family. The past is history, the furue a mystery. We are committed to work hard together and make a new future. In the future, TransGen will embark on a new journey which is beyond the sea of stars.