Mycoplasma Detection
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TransDetect® Luciferase Mycoplasma Detection Kit

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TransDetect® Luciferase Mycoplasma Detection Kit exploits the activity of certain mycoplasma metabolic enzymes that are rich in most kinds of mycoplasma. The enzymes react with the substrate catalyzing the conversion of ADP to ATP. By measuring the level of ATP in a sample with a luciferase assay both before and after the addition of MycoDetecct Substrate, viable mycoplasma contamination can be detected. This assay provides a fast, simple and sensitive method to detect mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures and cell culture materials. As this assay can only detect bioactive mycoplasma, the results will be more accurate than that of the PCR assay.


At -20℃ in dark for 1 year. Reconstituted MycoDetect Reagent and MycoDetect Substrate can be stored at -70℃ for six months, at -20℃ for one month, or at 2-8℃ for one week.

Dry ice (-70℃)

Product Contents

ComponentFM301-01 (25 rxns)FM301-02 (50 rxns)
MycoDetect Reagent (lyophilized)2 Vials4 Vials
MycoDetect Substrate (lyophilized)2 Vials4 Vials
MycoFree Water2 ×1.5 ml4×1.5 ml

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