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ProteinFind® Anti-CD3 Mouse Monoclonal Antibody

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The mammalian CD3 molecule, which is expressed on the surface of mature T lymphocytes, is an important surface marker of T cell population and mainly consists of δ, ε, γ and ζ chains. CD3 molecules are non-covalent bonded to T-cell receptor (TCR) to form a TCR-CD3 complex. When antigen presenting cells (APCs) activate TCR, TCR-mediated signals are transmitted to the cell interior via CD3δ, CD3ε, CD3γ or CD3ζ. All cytoplasmic regions of CD3 chains contain immunoreceptor tyrosine-based activation motifs (ITAMs), these motifs are phosphorylated by the Src family protein tyrosine kinases LCK and FYN once bound to TCR, thereby activating downstream signaling pathways[1]. In addition to its signal transduction role in T cell activation, CD3ε also plays a critical role in the proper development of T cells. The assembly of TCR-CD3 complex is initiated by the formation of two heterodimers, CD3δ/CD3ε and CD3γ/CD3ε, and the special sequence of CD3ε cytoplasmic region can contribute to TCR-CD3 complex internalization, down-regulating the expression of TCR on the cell surface[2, 3].This product is the mouse anti-human CD3 monoclonal antibody, which is used for the specific detection of human CD3 by FC.

Applicable Experiments and Dilution

· FC: 1:100 dilution is recommended.


 PBS (pH7.4), 0.05% ProClin 300, 50% Glycerol; at -20 for two years, avoid repeated freeze-thawing.


Dry ice (-70℃)


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[2] Borroto A, Lama J, Niedergang F, et al. The CD3 epsilon subunit of the TCR contains endocytosis signals [J]. J Immunol. 1999, 163(1): 25-31.

[3] Martin-Blanco N, Jiménez Teja D, Bretones G, et al. CD3ε recruits Numb to promote TCR degradation [J]. International Immunology. 2016, 28(3): 127-37.

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