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Human Peripheral Blood Lymphocyte Separation Solution

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Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (mainly lymphocytes) differ in size, morphology, and density from other cells. The density of red blood cells and granulocytes is relatively high, about 1.090 g/ml, the density of platelets is 1.030 ~ 1.035 g/ml, while the density of mononuclear cells is 1.075 ~ 1.090 g/ml. This product is a sterile, nearly isotonic, density of (1.077±0.001) g/ml (20℃) glucan and meglumin diatrizoate solution. When density gradient centrifugation of human anticoagulant blood is performed with this product, red blood cells and granulocytes with high density will sink in this separation solution, while the density of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (mainly lymphocytes) is slightly lower than the separation solution and will float in this separation solution, so lymphocytes with higher purity could be obtained. This product is ready-to-use. The isolated lymphocytes can be used for in vitro culture and immunological testing.


at room temperature (15-25℃) away from light for two years.


at room temperature.

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Human Peripheral Blood Lymphocyte Separation Solution200 ml

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