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pEASY®-Blunt E1 Expression Kit

Product Details

pEASY®-Blunt E1 Expression Vector is constructed from pET vector, it utilizes a highly efficient, five-minute blunt cloning strategy to clone PCR product into high-efficient expression vector. The size of control insert is 750 bp, and expressed target protein is about 27 kDa.

• 5 minutes fast ligation of Pfu-amplified PCR products.
• Ampicillin resistance.
• T7 promoter primer and T7 terminator primer for sequencing.
• Bacteriophage T7lac promoter for high level expression.
• N-terminal 6×His tag for easy purification.
• Trans1-T1 phage resistant chemically competent cell, high transformation efficiency (>109 cfu/μg pUC19 DNA) and fast growing.
• E1 Expression Plasmid included as negative control.

Trans1-T1 Phage Resistant Chemically Competent Cell at -70℃ for six months; Others at -20℃ for nine months.

Dry ice (-70℃). 

Product Contents

ComponentCE111-01 (10 rxns)
pEASY®-Blunt E1 Expression Vector (15 ng/μl)10 μl
E1 Expression Plasmid (Negative Control) (15 ng/μl)10 μl
EControl Template (5 ng/μl)10 μl
EControl Forward Primer (10 μM)10 μl
EControl Reverse Primer (10 μM)10 μl
T7 Promoter Primer (10 μM)50 μl
T7 Terminator Primer (10 μM)50 μl
Trans1-T1 Phage Resistant Chemically Competent Cell5×100 μl


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