Exosome Nucleic Acid Isolation
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TransExo Serum/Plasma Exosome Total RNA Extraction Kit

Product Details

TransExoTM Serum/Plasma Exosome Total RNA Extraction Kit is designed to extract total RNA from serum/plasma exosomes with easy and fast column-based purification procedure, featuring high yield. The whole procedure could be completed within two hours.

Easy, efficient and fast procedure.
No ultracentrifugation is required.

• Exosome total RNA is extracted with high yield and purity.

EPS should be stored at 2-8℃ for one year, ELB2 should be stored at 2-8℃ in the dark for one year, and other reagents in this kit should be stored dry at room temperature (15-25℃ ) for one year.

EPS & ELB2 on ice bag (4℃); others at room temperature. 

Product Contents

ComponentFE201-01 (25 rxns)FE201-02 (50 rxns)
Exosome Precipitation Solution (EPS)2×1.6 ml4×1.6ml
Exosome Lysis Buffer (ELB1)5 ml10 ml
Exosome Lysis Buffer (ELB2)15 ml30 ml
Exosome Wash Buffer (EWB1)3 ml2×3 ml
RNase-free Water1 ml2×1 ml
RNase-free Tubes (1.5 ml)25 tubes50 tubes
ExoRNA Spin Columns with Collection Tubes25 tubes50 tubes

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