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Human TNF-α ELISA Kit

Product Details

Tumor necrosis factor α (TNF-α) is a multifunctional cytokine. It is mainly produced and secreted by activated  macrophages and monocytes, which can directly kill tumor cells without obvious toxicity to normal cells. TNF-α also  has a variety of immune regulatory effects. As a kind of endogenous pyrogen, TNF-α can induce fever, cell death, evil  qualitative, inflammation and inhibit tumor occurring and virus replication, and respond to sepsis by producing IL-1  and IL-6 in cells. The expression disorders of TNF-α are related to a variety of diseases, such as infection,  autoimmune disease, cancer, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and intervertebral disc  degeneration, etc. This kit uses Sandwich Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) to measure the amount of TNF-α in human  serum, plasma, and cell culture supernatant. The ELISA microplate in the kit is precoated with a high-affinity  anti-human TNF-α antibody. The standard or test sample is added to the microplate wells. After incubation, TNF-α  present in the sample will be bound specifically to the precoated antibody on the microplate wells. After washing,  biotin-labeled anti-human TNF-α detection antibody is added to the microplate wells. After re-incubation, the  detection antibody will be bound specifically to TNF-α anchored on the microplate wells. Subsequently, the  horseradish peroxidase-labeled streptavidin (Streptavidin-HRP) is added to the microplate wells and incubated. Biotin  and streptavidin on the detection antibody produces the "coated antibody-human TNF-α protein-detection  antibody-Streptavidin-HRP" immune complex through high-strength non-covalent binding. After washing again, the  chromogenic substrate TMB is added to the wells. HRP catalyzes the TMB substrate to create blue coloration, with  intensity positively correlated with the concentration of TNF-α in the sample. The reaction is stopped by adding stop  solution, and the absorbance is measured at 450 nm (reference wavelength 570-630 nm). A standard curve is drawn to  calculate the concentration of TNF-α in the sample based on the absorbance value. This kit is highly specific, has high  detection sensitivity and is convenient to use.

Suitable Sample Types 

Cell culture supernates, serum, plasma, etc.


at 2~8°C in the dark for one year.

Ice bag(4°C)

Product Contents


Human TNF-α Antibody Precoated ELISA Plate96 Tat 2~8°C
Human TNF-α Standard2 bottlesat 2~8°C
Standard & Sample Diluent15 ml/bottleat 2~8°C
100× Human TNF-α Detection Antibody120 μl/testat 2~8°C
100×Streptavidin-HRP120 μl/testat 2~8°C in the dark
 Detection Antibody & Streptavidin-HRP Diluent25 ml/bottleat 2~8°C
20× Wash Buffer50 ml/bottleat 2~8°C
TMB Chromogenic Substrate12 ml/bottleat 2~8°C in the dark
Stop Solution6 ml/bottleat 2~8°C
Plate Sealers4 pieces

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