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TransNGS® Fragmentase DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina®

Product Details

The kit is designed to efficiently and quickly prepare DNA library from 1 ng to 1 μg double-stranded DNA for the Illumina high-throughput sequencing platform. The kit completes the DNA fragmentation, end repair and A-tailing in one step. The product can be directly used for adapter ligation without the purification steps. Due to the use of fragmentation enzymes to fragment the genome, libraries of inserts of different sizes can be obtained by adjusting the fragmentation time. And the kit is suitable for library construction of DNA from different sources and inputs.


• Whole genome sequencing.

• Target gene sequencing.

• Exon sequencing / other targeted capture sequencing.

• Metagenomic sequencing.


at -20°C for one year


Dry ice (-70℃)

Product Contents

ComponentKP231-01 (12 rxns)KP231-02 (96 rxns)
Fragmentation Buffer (10×)60 μl480 μl
Fragmentation Enzyme Mix120 μl960 μl
Fragmentation Enhancer60 μl480 μl
TransNGS® Adapter for Illumina® (16 μM)60 μl480 μl
Adapter Dilution Buffer600 μl5 ml
Adapter-ligation Buffer for Illumina240 μl4×480 μl
Adapter-ligation Enzyme60 μl480 μl
TransNGS® Library Amplification SuperMix (2×)300 μl4×600 μl
TransNGS® Universal Primer Mix for Illumina*60 μl480 μl
Library Elution Buffer2 ml4×4 ml
Nuclease-free Water1 ml5 ml

* The Adapter and Universal Primer in the kit are respectively suitable for short adapter and long adapter for library construction. Choose one according to requirments and do not use them at the same time.

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