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TransDirect® Mouse Genotyping Kit

Product Details

TransDirect® Mouse Genotyping Kit uses a unique lysis buffer to prepare mouse genotyping PCR-ready DNA from fresh or frozen mouse tissue slices, such as mouse ears, toes and tails. The high-efficient 2×TransDirect® Mouse Genotyping SuperMix (+dye) can effectively suppress the inhibitory activities of the crude lysate for PCR amplification.

• Direct PCR amplification from crude lysate.
• Suitable for PCR-based rapid mouse genotyping.
• Easy-to-use and suitable for high-throughput applications.
• Suitable for multiplex PCR with up to 5 pairs of primers.

at -20 ℃ for two years

Dry ice (-70 ℃)

Product Contents

ComponentAD501-01 (100 rxns)AD501-02 (500 rxns)
AD1 Buffer12 ml60 ml
AD2 Buffer3 ml15 ml
TransDirect® Mouse Genotyping SuperMix (+dye)1 ml5×1 ml
10×GC Enhancer1 ml5×1 ml
Nuclease-free Water5 ml25 ml

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