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TransDirect® Animal Tissue PCR Kit

Product Details

TransDirect® Animal Tissue PCR Kit uses a unique lysis buffer to lyse animal tissues (fresh or frozen) and blood. The resulting lysate without purification can be directly used as PCR template. 2×TransDirect® PCR SuperMix (+dye) is highly resistant to various PCR inhibitors present in animal tissues. PCR product can be directly used for gel electrophoresis.

• Direct amplification from unpurified lysate. Suitable for high throughput applications.
• Suitable for mammalian cells, saliva, hair shaft, animal tissues and blood.
• Amplification of genomic DNA fragment up to 3 kb.

at -20 ℃ for two years

Dry ice (-70 ℃)

Product Contents

AD1 Buffer4 ml20 ml
AD2 Buffer1 ml5 ml
AD3 Buffer4 ml2×10 ml
TransDirect® PCR SuperMix (+dye)1 ml5×1 ml
Nuclease-free Water5 ml25 ml


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