pEASY Cloning Vectors
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pEASY® -Uni Seamless Cloning and Assembly Kit

Product Details

This kit takes advantage of proprietary recombinases and homologous recombination to achieve directional recombination of PCR inserts with 15-25bp overlapping ends into any linearized vector, enabling efficient and seamless assembly of 1-7 fragments.

 Fast: 5~15 minutes

 Simple: No restriction enzyme digestions.

 High efficiency: > 95% cloning efficiency.

• Seamless: No extra sequences introduced.


Trans1-T1 Phage Resistant Chemically Competent Cells at -70°C for six months; others at -20°C for one year.

Dry ice (-70℃)

Product Contents

2×Assembly Mix50 μl100 μl3×100 μl
Linearized pUC19 Control Vector (10 ng/μl)3 μl6 μl18 μl
Control Insert (1 kb,20 ng/μl)3 μl6 μl18 μl
Trans1-T1 Phage Resistant Chemically Competent Cell5×100 μl10×100 μl30×100 μl

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