Cell Culture
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TransIntro® EL/PL Transfection Reagent

Product Details

TransIntroTM EL Transfection Reagent is a non-liposomal formulation designed to transfect DNA and RNA into a wide variety of eukaryotic cell lines with high efficiency and low toxicity. Primary cells and other difficult-to-transfect cells can also be effectively transfected by this reagent.

TransIntroTM PL Transfection Reagent is a liposomal formulation designed to transfect difficult-to-transfect cell lines with high efficiency and low cytotoxicity, such as neural and tumor cell lines, including lung carcinoma, colon carcinoma, hepatic carcinoma, pancreatic carcinoma,


at 2-8℃ for one year


ice bag (4℃)

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