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MagicPure® Mycoplasma DNA Kit

Product Details

This kit utilizes a unique lysis buffer to lyse mycoplasma cells from ≤400 μl biological samples, and specifically adsorb and purify mycoplasma DNA based on silicon-based magnetic beads. Purified DNA with high purity is suitable for mycoplasma detection experiment with TransDetect® qPCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit (FM321). This kit is suitable for high-throughput automated nucleic acid extractor adopting magnetic rod technology.


at room temperature (15°C-25°C) for one year. Carrier RNA (1 μg/μl) should be stored at -20°C, avoid repeated freezing and thawing.


Dry ice (-70℃)

Product Contents

ComponentEH401-01/11 (50 rxns)
Binding Buffer 50 (BB50)11 ml
Clean Buffer 50 (CB50)25 ml
Wash Buffer 50 (WB50)12 ml
Elution Buffer (EB)10 ml
Proteinase K (20 mg/ml)1 ml
Magnetic Mycoplasma Beads1 ml
Carrier RNA (1 μg/μl)100 μl
Magnetic Stand (16 hole)1/-

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