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TransDetect® PCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit

Product Details

TransDetect® PCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit is designed to detect the presence of mycoplasma contamination by PCR in biological materials, such as cell cultures or cell culture related materials. Highly specific primers have been designed to amplify a fragment of 16S rRNA coding DNA that is conserved across all commonly-known mycoplasma species. The kit includes an optimized supermix and primer, ultrapure water and positive control template. Using this kit, cell culture supernatants can be tested directly without DNA extraction. The kit provides a very easy to use, simple, fast (within 2 hours), specific and sensitive PCR-based mycoplasma detection method.

Feature and advantages
• High Sensitivity-Able to detect as low as 20 copies of mycoplasma genome.
• High Specificity-Only detect mycoplasma DNA, not eukaryotic and bacterial DNA.
• Simple and Easy to Use-Ready-to-use, optimized master mix and no need for DNA extraction.
• Positive and Negative Control-Ensure reliability and accuracy of the results.

At -20℃ for two years.

Dry ice (-70℃).

Product Contents

ComponentFM311-01 (100 rxns)
TransDetect® PCR Myco SuperMix(2×)1 ml
Myco Primer Mix40 μl
Myco Positive Control Template40 μl
MycoFree Water1 ml

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