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Avian Infectious Laryngotracheitis Virus PCR Nucleic Acid Detection Kit

Product Details

Using Taqman probe technology, specific primers and probes were designed with the gB gene of chicken infectious laryngotracheitis  virus (ILTV) as the target site for the auxiliary detection of ILTV nucleic acid in samples. This product introduces a dUTP/UDG system that degrades U-containing ssDNA and dsDNA, eliminating cross-contamination caused by PCR products. At the same time, a  positive internal control (that is, an internal standard, using a VIC reporter group) is set to monitor whether the qPCR system contains PCR inhibitors by detecting whether the internal standard is normal to avoid false-negative results.


Store in the dark at -20±5°C. Valid for 12 months.


Dry ice (-20°C)

Product Contents



ILTV-PreMixqPCR reaction buffers, dNTPs, UDG enzymes, Taq enzymes,  primers, probes, etc.960 μl/tube
ILTV Negative ControlNuclease-free Water400 μl/tube
ILTV Internal Standard ControlNucleic acid containing amplified fragment of internal standard480 μl/tube
ILTV Positvie ControlNucleic acid containing amplified fragment of internal standard50 μl/tube

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