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Mycoplasma Detection and Elimination

  •  TransSafe<sup>TM</sup> Mycoplasma  Elimination Reagent (TransMyco-3)
 TransSafe<sup>TM</sup> Mycoplasma  Elimination Reagent (TransMyco-3)

TransSafeTM Mycoplasma Elimination Reagent (TransMyco-3)

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TransSafe Mycoplasma Elimination Reagent (TransMyco-3) belongs to the fluoroquinolone antibiotics. Most of the mycoplasma species of contaminated cells are sensitive to TransMyco-3. It works by effectively interfering with DNA replication of mycoplasma. It can eliminate the contamination of the mycoplasma with minimal cytotoxicity.

Feature and advantages

Remove mycoplasma effectively.
Active at low working concentration. Low cytotoxicity. Suitable for a wide range of cell types.
Ready to use. Add to the culture medium directly.


at -20°C in dark for 18 months

Kit Content




TransMyco -3 (100×)

10 ml

20 ml

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