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Plasmid DNA Purification and E. Coli Medium

  • EasyPure<sup>®</sup> HiPure Plasmid MaxiPrep Kit
EasyPure<sup>®</sup> HiPure Plasmid MaxiPrep Kit

EasyPure® HiPure Plasmid MaxiPrep Kit

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EasyPure® HiPure Plasmid MaxiPrep Kit uses a modified alkaline lysis method to isolate high quality plasmid DNA from ≤ 500 ml (LB) or ≤100 ml (ArtMedia® Plasmid Culture) of bacterial culture. Unique formulated lysis buffer and neutralization buffer permit error-free visual identification of complete bacterial cell lysis and neutralization. Endotoxin is removed by a simple incubation on column with a novel buffer. The purified DNA is suitable for a variety of molecular biology applications including restriction enzyme digestion, ligation, transformation, DNA sequencing, and transfection.

• Fast: the whole procedure can be performed in one hour.

• Simple: endotoxin is removed on column.

• High yield: DNA yield up to 1 mg.

• Error-free visualization: colored buffers to visualize lysis and neutralization.


RNase A at -20℃ for one year; others at room temperature (15-25℃) for one

Shipping Condition

RNase A (10 mg/ml) on dry ice (-70 ); others at room temperature

Kit Content


EM121-01 (10 rxns)

Resuspension Buffer (RB)

120 ml

Lysis Buffer (LB)

120 ml

Neutralization Buffer (NB)

160 ml

ToxinOut Buffer (TB)

60 ml

Wash Buffer (WB)

25 ml

Elution Buffer (EB)

25 ml

RNase A (10 mg/ml)

1.2 ml

Maxi-Plasmid Spin Columns with Collection Tubes

10 each

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PRAS40 alleviates neurotoxic prion peptide-induced apoptosis via mTOR-AKT signaling CNS NEUROSCI THER/CNS NEUROSCIENCE & THERAPEUTICS 3.31 Wei Yang, et al. 2017Mar The original link


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