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Plasmid DNA Purification and E. Coli Medium

  • EasyPure<sup>®</sup> Plasmid MiniPrep Kit
  • EasyPure<sup>®</sup> Plasmid MiniPrep Kit
EasyPure<sup>®</sup> Plasmid MiniPrep KitEasyPure<sup>®</sup> Plasmid MiniPrep Kit

EasyPure® Plasmid MiniPrep Kit

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EasyPure® Plasmid MiniPrep Kit uses a modified alkaline lysis method to isolate high-quality plasmid DNA from ≤20 ml (LB) or ≤4 ml (ArtMedia® Plasmid Culture) of bacterial culture. Unique formulated lysis buffer and neutralization buffer permit error-free visual identification of complete bacterial cell lysis and neutralization.

• Simple and fast: the whole procedure can be performed in 20 minutes.

• High yield: DNA yield up to 40 μg.

• Error-free visualization: colored buffers to visualize lysis and neutralization.


Restriction enzyme digestion, ligation, transformation, DNA sequencing, and transfection


RNase A at -20°C for one year; others at room temperature (15-25°C) for one year

Shipping Condition

RNase A (10 mg/ml) on dry ice (-70 °C); others at room temperature

Kit Content


EM101-01 (50 rxns)

EM101-02 (200 rxns)

Resuspension Buffer (RB)

15 ml

60 ml

Lysis Buffer (LB)

15 ml

60 ml

Neutralization Buffer (NB)

20 ml

80 ml

Wash Buffer (WB)

10 ml

2×20 ml

Elution Buffer (EB)

5 ml

10 ml

RNase A (10 mg/ml)

150 μl

600 μl

Mini-Plasmid Spin Column with Collection Tubes

50 each

2×100 each

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