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ProteinEle® Precast Tris-Glycine Gel

Product Details

ProteinEle® Precast Tris-Glycine Gel is a 4-15% continuous gradient polyacrylamide precast gel formulated with a neutral pH buffer system, showing high resolution and good stability. This product is suitable for separation of native and denatured proteins by electrophoresis. It is easy to use and simple to install, and fits mini gel tanks which are popular and widely used.

• High resolution
• Long shelf life


at 2-8℃ for one year


ice bag (4℃)

Product Contents

Cat. No.
DG101-014-15%, 1.0 mm, 12 well, 10 Pieces/Box

Experimental Data
Protein Electrophoresis Parameters
Preparation of Protein Electrophoresis Related Reagents

10 × Tris-Glycine Buffer (SDS-PAGE electrophoresis buffer)
Component: 250 mM Tris base, 1.92 M Glycine, 1 % (w/v) SDS

1. Weighing the following reagents and dissolving them in 800 ml deionized water.
Tris base:30.3 g
Glycine: 144g
SDS: 10 g
2. Stir and dissolve it thoroughly, add deionized water to 1 L, store at room temperature.

The maximal sample load capacity is 20μl, but there is a risk of spill. 15μl is our recommendation. Now we have only the data in IFU.
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