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Easy Protein Quantitative Kit (Bradford)

Product Details

Easy Protein Quantitative Kit is a ready-to-use modified Bradford Coomassie-binding, colorimetric method for protein quantification. Under acidic condition, Coomassie Brilliant Blue G-250 binds to proteins providing an immediate shift in absorption maximum from 465 nm to 596 nm and a color change from brown to blue.

Measurement Range
total protein concentration of 50-1000 μg/ml.

Coomassie brilliant blue solution at 2-8℃ in dark for two years; BSA Standard Solution at -20℃ for two years.

Coomassie brilliant blue solution on ice bag (4℃); BSA Standard Solution on dry ice (-70℃). 

Product Contents

Coomassie Brilliant Blue Solution100 ml
BSA Standard Solution (0.22 mg/ml)4×1 ml


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