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【New Product Launch】 MagicPure Cell-Free DNA Kit II

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We are proud to announce the launching of MagicPure® Cell-Free DNA Kit II.


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50 rxns (with   Magnetic Stand)



50 rxns




Liquid biopsy is the analysis of biomarkers circulating in fluids such as the blood to obtain information similar to the current gold-standard of tissue biopsies and has received tremendous attention in various medical areas such as oncology as a minimally invasive and repeatable technique. One of the most well-developed biomarkers detected by liquid biopsy is circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA), the tumor derived cell-free DNA / cfDNA which is circulating extracellular DNA existing in the body fluids. The extremely low concentrations and smaller DNA fragments of ctDNA has resulted in a need for efficient and standardized cfDNA isolation. TransGen provides a magnetic bead based method - MagicPure® Cell-Free DNA Kit II (Cat. No. EC211) with validated results of high purity and high yield for efficient and convenient cfDNA isolation.


Brief introduction

This kit lyses samples by enzymatic hydrolysis, and efficiently purifies cell-free DNA by specific adsorption of silica magnetic beads. It is suitable for isolating and purifying high quality cell-free DNA from 0.5-10 ml serum or plasma. The extracted DNA can be used for PCR, qPCR, NGS, etc. It is compatible with high-throughput magnetic rob-based nucleic acid extractor.



• Simple operation and fast extraction with no centrifugation required.

• High yield and high purity.


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