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Fast MultiSite Mutagenesis System

Product Details

Fast MultiSite Mutagenesis System is used for generating mutated PCR fragments by introducing mutation sites on overlapping regions. High fidelity TransStart® FastPfu PCR SuperMix is included for amplification. This kit uses proprietary assembly mix and homologous recombination to seamlessly assemble up to six mutagenesis fragments.

• Fast: Amplified with fast & high-fidelity 2×TransStart® FastPfu PCR SuperMix; only 15 minutes for recombination.
• Flexible: Able to be cloned into any site to realize single-site/ multi-site, continuous/non-continuous mutagenesis.
• Efficient: >90% mutagenesis efficiency.

We suggest performing 25 cycles for PCR. For low yield PCR products, we suggest using up to 30 cycles.

at -20°C for two years

Dry ice (-70℃)

Product Contents

ComponentFM201-01 (10 rxns)
TransStart® FastPfu Fly PCR SuperMix1 ml
DMT Enzyme (10 units/μl)30 μl
2×Assembly Mix50 μl
DMT Chemically Competent Cell10×50 μl
Nuclease-free Water1 ml


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