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Micrococcal Nuclease

Product Details

Micrococcal Nuclease is obtained by expression of a recombinant micrococcal nuclease gene in Escherichia coli, Molecular weight is 16.8 kDa. It is a non-specific exo or endonuclease that consumes double-stranded, single-stranded, circularized, and linear nucleic acids, and has a better digestion of single strands, and it tend to digest ATs or the AUs region of the DNA or RNA, producing a single nucleotide and a dinucleotide with 3' phosphoric acid.

• High activity
• High protein purity, SDS-PAGE purity >95%
• Good stability

Scope of Application
ChIP, Nucleic acid degradation in protein preparation, Chromatin structure analysis, In vitro translation, Fast RNA sequencing, etc.

at -20°C  for two years

Dry ice (-70 ℃)

Product Contents

Micrococcal Nuclease100,000 gel units2×100,000 gel units
10×Micrococcal Nuclease Buffer1.2 ml2×1.2 ml
10×Stop Solution1.2 ml2×1.2 ml