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Bst III DNA Polymerase

Product Details

This product contains Bst III DNA polymerase, 5×LAMP Reaction Mix, fluorescent dye TS LAMP Green, and you only need to prepare your own templates and primers. Among them,Bst III is an upgraded version of Bst II DNA polymerase, which can be used for LAMP reaction with DNA or RNA as template. It is not recommended to add reverse transcriptase when it is used for RT-LAMP reaction.

5×LAMP Reaction Mix is an optimized reaction mastermix, which already contains MgSO4, dNTPs and other components required for the reaction, saving the time of addition.

TS LAMP Green is a DNA-binding dye for fluorescence quantitative amplification. It has a similar spectrum to SYBR Green I and is compatible with all well-known brands of qPCR instruments. Replacing SYBR Green I with TS LAMP Green does not require any changes to your current procedures and equipment.

This product is more suitable for RT-LAMP reaction with RNA as template, due to strong reverse transcription activity and amplification ability, which can detect RNA molecules as low as 1 copy within 30 minutes, and can be applied for fluorescent dye/probe method. Bst II DNA Polymerase (LP301) is recommended for LAMP amplification of DNA templates.


· Isothermal Amplification (LAMP/RT-LAMP) Capability

· Fast polymerization

· Strong strand-displacement capability



· RNA/DNA isothermal amplification

· DNAsequencing through high GC regions

· Applicable for experiments requiring mesophilic strand-displacement


at -20°C  for two years


Dry ice (-70 ℃)

Product Contents
ComponentLP311-01 (100 rxns) LP311-02 (200 rxns) 
Bst III DNA Polymerase200 μl400 μl
5×LAMP Reaction Mix0.6 ml1.2 ml
TS LAMP Green (20×)100 μl

200 μl

6×DNA Loading Buffer500 μl

1 ml

Nuclease-free Water
2×1 ml

4×1 ml

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