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TransLv Lentivirus qPCR Titration Kit

Product Details

TransLvTM Lentivirus qPCR Titration Kit provides a simple, rapid, sensitive and efficient method to determine the copy number of integrated proviral sequences in lentivirus transduced cells using qPCR method. Lentivirus titer can be calculated from integrated proviral copy number in the genome of the lentivirus transduction susceptible cells (such as HT1080, HEK-293T, etc.) by using the standard curve generated from qPCR.

• Simple operation and high sensitivity.
• Higher accuracy enabled by internal reference gene.
• Compatible with the second and third generation HIV-1 lentiviral packaging vectors.
• Good linear relationship in the range of 103-108 copies/μl.

at -20°C in the dark for one year.

Dry ice (-70℃)

Product Contents

ComponentFV201-01 (100 rxns)
TransLvTM Lentivirus qPCR Titration SuperMix1 ml
10×GC enhancer200 μl
Provirus Gene Standards (P1-P6) (108-103 copies/μl)30 μl each
Reference Gene Standards (R1-R6) (108-103 copies/μl)30 μl each
Provirus Gene Primer Mix (5 μM)100 μl
Reference Gene Primer Mix (5 μM)100 μl
Passive Reference Dye(50×)40 μl
Nuclease-free Water1 ml