Exosome Isolation
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TransExo Serum/Plasma Exosome Kit

Product Details

TransExoTM Serum/Plasma Exosome Kit is designed to extract and purify exosomes from serum or plasma.

• Easy, convenient and fast procedures.
• No ultracentrifugation required.
• No need of extra protease to treat plasma.
• Exosomes purified by the microspheres will conserve more complete structure, high activity and purity, which can be used in  varieties of applications, such as Western Blot, TEM, qPCR, etc.

at 2-8°C for one year

ice bag (4℃)

Product Contents

ComponentFE101-01 (10 rxns)FE101-02 (25 rxns)
Exosome Precipitation Solution (EPS)250 μl625 μl
Exosome Resuspension Solution (ERS)20 ml50 ml
Exosome Microsphere Beads (EMB)10 tubes25 tubes