DNA Markers
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Trans2K® Plus DNA Marker

Product Details

Trans2K®Plus DNA Marker is a premixed, ready-to-load molecular weight marker containing eight linear double-stranded DNA fragments. The DNA Ladder is suitable for use as molecular weight standards for agarose gel electrophoresis. The DNA Ladder contains 100 bp -5.0 kb DNA fragments. The 750 bp band (100 ng/5 μl) has doubled intensity than other bands to serve as reference band.

• Ready-to use molecular weight marker for DNA size range of 100 bp to 5.0 kb.
• All bands from restriction enzyme digested plasmids.
• Brighter 750 bp reference band.

100 bp, 250 bp, 500 bp, 750 bp (100 ng/5 μl, the double intensity band), 1,000 bp, 2,000 bp, 3,000 bp, 5,000 bp

at 4 °C for six months;at -20 °C for two years

Dry ice (-70 ℃)


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