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TransDB3.1 Chemically Competent Cell

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TransDB3.1 Chemically Competent Cell is specifically designed for chemical transformation of DNA. This cell contains the gyrA462 gene which provides resistance to the toxic effects from the ccdB gene. TransDB3.1 Chemically Competent Cell can be used for transformation and propagation of plasmid containing the ccdB gene. It permits a transformation efficiency of over 108 cfu/μg DNA (tested by pUC19 plasmid DNA).

F- gyrA462 endA1 Δ(sr1-recA) mcrB mrr hsdS20(rB-, mB-) supE44ara-14 galK2 lacY1 proA2rpsL20(SmR) xyl-5 λ- leu mtl1

• High transformation efficiency: >108 cfu/μg (pUC19 DNA).
• Transformation and propagation of plasmids containing the ccdB gene.
• StrR.

at -70°C for six months. Do not store in liquid nitrogen

Dry ice (-70℃)

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