Cloning Competent Cells
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Trans110 Chemically Competent Cell

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Trans110 Chemically Competent Cell is specifically designed for chemical transformation of DNA. It permits a transformation efficiency of over 106 cfu/μg DNA (tested by pUC19 plasmid DNA).

rpsL (StrR) thr leu thi-1 lacY galK galT ara tonA tsx dam dcm supE44 Δ(lac-proAB) /F′ [traD36proAB lacIq lacZΔM15]

• High transformation efficiency: >106 cfu/μg ( pUC19 DNA).
• Unmethylated DNA due to dam-/dcm-.
• StrR.

at -70°C for six months. Do not store in liquid nitrogen

Dry ice (-70℃)


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